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The Stockholm International Comics Festival 2017, May 20th-21st

Time to look forward to The Stockholm International Comics Festival 2017! It all happens  on May 20th–21st plus pre-arrangements the entire week. Also: Comics for kids! Finland’s 100th Anniversary år! Gueat nation Canada! Autobiographical comics! Horro! Satire! And much more!

Free admission to (almost) everything!

NOTE: Information in Swedish in separate blog post!


The Stockholm International Comics Festival [SICF] will be organized for the nineteenth year in a row on May 20th–21st (plus pre-arrangements earlier in the week) by Serieteket and friends. Comics market, stage program, exhibitions, movie screenings and much more. Guest creators from three continents. ”The Young Comics Festival” segment for the kids.

This year’s official festival picture is drawn by Joakim Pirinen, highlighting our Swedish-Finnish friendship.

As always, a number of international comics celebrities will guest this year’s festival. We are going to celebrate the official 100th anniversary of our neighbouring nation Finland with a delegation of guests (more information soon). Among other foreign guests are Erika Moen (Oh Joy! Sex Toy) of the United States, Ben Stenbeck (Witchfinder, Baltimore) from New Zealand, and Gipi (Garage Band, Gli Innocenti) of Italy. This year’s guest of honour is the American comics creator Derf Backderf (Trashed, My Friend Dahmer). The Young Comics Festival among other guests highlight the French cartoonist Benjamin Renner.
Of course, a huge part of the entire Swedish comics scene will be present, including Joakim Pirinen, Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Karl Johnsson, and Anneli Furmark.

Also, the stage musical version of Alison Bechdel’s graphic novel Fun Home will have its Swedish opening on May 19th.

Do you want to book an exhibition table at the festival market? The booking will open HERE on February 15th 13.00.

Our official web page will be updated continously. Also, follow us on Facebook!


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