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The Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival II

Howard Philips Lovecraft (1890 – 1937), the 19th century master of the weird tale, is with his stories of cosmic horror and humanity’s insignificance in the greater scheme of things the best writer spawned by the pulp milieu of the 1920s/30s. When at the peak of his powers Lovecraft wrote stories that transcended all genre barriers and created something truly timeless from seemingly crude base materials.

For the second time this year it is with extreme pleasure that we present to you a few days when the love for the gentleman from Providence is evident all over the capital of Sweden. The stars are right over Stockholm in October!

The Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival is coproduced by Serieteket, Bibliotek Film & Musik, Bibliotek Plattan, Elektronmusikstudion, The Gaming Guilds SMASH and Dragon’s Lair, The Howard Philips Lovecraft Historical Society, Science Fiction Bokhandeln, Thank You Satan and Tiki Room.

Thanks to everybody who has contributed to the festival!
Free admission to all events unless otherwise noted.

The Program (Svensk version här)
October 10:

5 – 7 pm
Bibliotek Film & Musik Sergels torg (Kulturhuset floor 2, Sergels torg 3, subway stop t-centralen) 
Dark Adventure Radio Theater presents…
We start the festival in a grand style with the world premiere of an H.P. Lovecraft story performed as a radio play from the 30s. The title is still a well kept secret and will be revealed on site. Guests this evening are two of the gentlemen involved in the production: Mike Dalager (The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society) and Conny Laxell (known to theatre goers in Stockholm for his work at establishments such as Dramaten, Stadsteatern, Cirkus and Oscars). Not to be missed!
Learn more about Dark Adventure Radio Theatre here.

October 11:
6:30 – 8:00 pm
Klarabiografen (Kulturhuset floor 2, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen)
Die Farbe (Huan Vu 2011)
A screening of the internationally acclaimed German adaptation (with Swedish subtitles) of
”The Colour Out of Space”
Tickets are 60 sek. Release October 2 here.
More about the film here.

8 pm – 01 am
Tiki Room (Birkagatan 10 in the basement of restaurant Mellow, subway stop S:t Eriksplan)
Lovecraftian Ladies Drink and Draw:
As the title suggests a night of drinking and drawing in an atmosphere as relaxed as it gets when you find inspiration with an old horror master.

October 12:

5 – 7 pm
Serieteket/Bibliotek Film & Musik (Kulturhuset floor 2, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen)
Gallery opening
The image that adorns our festival poster was created by Rodrigo Obon. It’s not the first time he interprets Lovecraft in his work, as the Re-animator portrait above attests. Take the chance to see this and other horrific illustrations. Plus of course buy signed stuff directly from the artist.

6 – 7 pm
Serieteket/Bibliotek Film & Musik (Kulturhuset floor 2, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen)
We give you the chance to once again test your mettle and knowledge of all things Lovecraft. Nice prices guaranteed!

October 13
As the weekend arrives we put the festival into high gear with events from noon till after midnight.

12 noon – 1:30 pm
Studio 3 (Kulturhuset floor 3, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen)
The Thing on the Doorstep (Tom Gliserman, 2012)
This is the first release from production company Handsome Spyder.
Tickets are 60 sek. Release October 2 here.
More about the film here.

12 noon – 4 pm
Science Fiction bokhandeln (Västerlånggatan 48, subway stop Gamla Stan)
The Arkham Sanitarium Sanity Assessment
How crazy are you? Get your sanity appraised by staff form the world’s most renowned institution for the mentally challenged!
Please note! Limited space available. Four groups of six will get a chance to play. You need to sign up in advance:

Group One    12 noon – 1 pm (group of 6)
Group Two    1 pm – 2 pm (group of 6)
Group Three  2 pm – 3 pm (group of 6)
Group Four    3 pm – 4 pm (group of 6)
Send an email with your name and phone number to anders.jc.lundgren@stockholm.se to sign up! Please let me know of you prefer a certain time. I’ll try to accomodate your wishes but will suggest another time if one session is fully booked.

2 – 3 pm
Serieteket/Bibliotek Film & Musik (Kulturhuset floor 2, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen) The Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival II is a part of Stora Lasardagen with two of our events
Listen to Ernst-Hugo Järegård’s classic reading of ”Färg bortom tid och rum” (in Swedish)
3 – 4 pm
Anders Fager reads from his ”still hot off the presses” novel Jag såg henne idag i receptionen.

4 – 5 pm
Serieteket/Bibliotek Film & Musik (Kulturhuset floor 2, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen) Composer Par Johansson finishes the Kulturhuset part of our festival Saturday in grand style with an electroacoustic performance in immersive 8.1 surround sound of Tombeau de Lovecraft and other pieces. Thank you Elektronmusikstudion (ems)!

 20:00 – 01:00
Tiki Room (Birkagatan 10 in the basement of restaurant Mellow, subway stop S:t Eriksplan)
Releaseparty for Anders Fagers novel Jag såg henne idag i receptionen.
Dj Olle Linton treats us to dark ambience music and the resident bartenders will shake up concoctions from the farthest of rum galaxies throughout the evening.

October 14
12 noon – 1 pm
Studio 3 (Kulturhuset floor 3, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen)
Screening of short subject ”The Shunned House” (Eric Morgret 2012), ”The Artifact” (Jason Voss 2012) and others.
Tickets are 60 sek. Release October 2 here.
Refreshing beverages from The Marsh Tonic Co. on sale so please bring cash!

12 noon – 4 pm
Serieteket/Bibliotek Film & Musik (Kulturhuset floor 2, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen) Bazaar of the Bizarre
Hastur Förlag, Hög av SerierMalört FörlagScience Fiction Bokhandeln, Svenska Ljud Classica  and Vertigo Förlag makes sure that can stock up on all your horror essentials for this fall season.

12 noon – 4 pm
Konferens 1 & 2 (Kulturhuset våning 3, Sergels torg 3, t-bana T-centralen)
Gaming guilds SMASH and Dragon’s Lair let’s you step into the shoes of an investigator and try your luck at saving the world with life, limb and sanity intact in the games ”Arkham Horror” (plus some of it’s many expansions) and ”Elder Sign”.

Illustration: Kate Laird

Illustration: Kate Laird

4 – 5 pm
Studio 3 (Kulturhuset floor 3, Sergels torg 3, subway stop T-centralen)
“The Dreams in the Witch House Rock Opera” – sneak preview.
Mike Dalager and friends Anders Ringman and Chris Laney invite you to experience the beginnings of something monumental at this q&a and listening session.
Please note! This will be LOUD. If you have sensitive ears please bring plugs! 

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