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Calling all artist friends of Kristiina Kolehmainen (English version)

As we have reported in this blog, Kristiina Kolehmainen, lovable and beloved librarian, comic expert, event arranger, founder of the Swedish graphic library Serieteket and the Stockholm International Comics Festival (formerly Small Press Expo), tragically passed away on March 27th from complications of her long-time disease. We, her colleagues at Serieteket, miss her immensely and know that many share our feelings.

Recently, Swedish comic artists Sara Olausson, Nina Hemmingsson and Jimmy Wallin came up with a suggestion – ”Let us call our friends and colleagues and ask them all to draw a portrait of Kristiina!” 

Kristiina Kolehmainen porträttrerad av Mattias Elftorp

Kristiina Kolehmainen portrayed by Mattias Elftorp. Copyright Elftorp

The Serieteket staff thinks that this is a wonderful idea, and we have agreed to administrate it in order to make an exhibition that will be shown at the Stockholm International Comics Festival – Kristiina’s final project – in the last weekend of April.

Do you, comic creator/artist/illustrator want to participate in this exhibition? Please send your contribution to Serieteket so that we have it in our hands on April 23rd, 2012.

The exhibition will be shown during the festival, and there are plans of making an electronic version for our website later. If you want to participate, we will assume that we have your permission to use it to honour Kristiina thus and in similar ways (but of course not in any other context).

For us to be able to optimally take care of the project, we need you to follow a few specifications:
• The drawing has to be 15 X 15 cm
• It should not be framed or placed in a passepartout
• We would like it to have a visible signature so we know who has sent it

• Postal adress: Serieteket Kulturhuset, Box 16414, 103 27 Stockholm
• Delivery adress (larger packages): Serieteket Kulturhuset, Brunkebergsfaret, lastkaj 8, Klara Östra Kyrkogata 4, 103 27 Stockholm
• Visiting adress: Serieteket, Kulturhuset våning 2, Sergels Torg, Stockholm

If you want to participate but are unable to send us the artwork in physical form, there is also the possibility to e-mail a scan to ola.hellsten@stockholm.se

Many thanks for your contribution. We are convinced that Kristiina herself would have loved it!


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